Case Study: Video Transcoding

How IndieFlix uses cmpute to transcode their VOD library 10x cheaper than other cloud transcoders

About Indieflix

IndieFlix, Inc is an independent film distribution and online streaming service based in Seattle. IndieFlix gives film lovers access to thousands of high quality independent shorts, features, documentaries, and web-series from film festivals around the world. Founded in 2005 by Scilla Andreen, the company specializes in promoting independent films by providing online streaming platforms with filmmaker content.

The Challenge

  • - Growing number of independent movies in library with over 22000 mezzanine files
  • - Multi-bitrate HLS and MPEG-DASH outputs to 10 profiles to support iOS, Android, Roku, and other platforms
  • - Cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to do the transcoding


  • - cmpute’s Media API platform to handle all transcoding operations using REST APIs and Webhooks for notifications
  • - cmpute’s Instance Smart Sizing and Spot Instance management to increase job efficiencies and reduce transcoding cost
  • - cmpute’s infinite scale parallelization helps to process each profile in parallel giving faster transcode times and quick time-to-market


  • - Over 80% savings on AWS on-demand costs and 10x cheaper than other cloud transcoders
  • - Performance and cost tuning achieved by automatic instance sizing and optimization across multiple AWS accounts
  • - More control over application given back to engineering while Batchly does the cost and performance improvement heavy lifting