Case Study: Social Media Analytics

New Age Social Media Analytics Company Saves Over 75% on AWS Costs

About Unmetric

Unmetric is a new age AI driven online platform that enables brands to understand, uncover and unlock insights into how well social media content and campaigns perform compared to industry competitors. Unlike listening or publishing services, Unmetric is a seeing platform that combines the power of human cognition and technology to provide global brands with data to analyze, benchmark and enhance their social media efforts.

The Challenge

Unmetric relies on AWS to run its tracking crawlers which monitors over 100,000 brand profiles across 4 major social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
"Running this tracking engine cost effectively was a challenge, given the enormity of content being generated daily in these social networks” says Joseph Varghese, Head of Technology & Co-Founder of Unmetric."AWS Spot instance is one of the ways to optimize AWS costs. But handling the complexities of bidding and managing spot instances and trusting it to run our production workloads were definitely a challenge” he says." This is when we came across CMPUTE, an automated AWS cost optimization platform with an intelligent spot bid management framework."

Why cmpute

CMPUTE is an automated AWS cost optimization platform with an intelligent spot bid management framework Integration with CMPUTE was an easy exercise which took no more than 10 mins including creating a restricted IAM user role in Unmetric’s AWS account to allow CMPUTE access to bid for spot instances and monitor CloudWatch metrics. CMPUTE also had the ability to add custom tags with the added flexibility of having the tags numbered sequentially for every new spot instance that was launched.


After a successful POC, Unmetric moved a significant portion of their workloads on AWS to CMPUTE and is consistently seeing over 75% savings on their AWS spend.“With CMPUTE, all the spot management complexities are abstracted while we get to realize huge savings” says Joseph Vargese